About us

The UAE market is always been a lucrative and fast paced, the investors and business owners often face big challenges in terms of country-specific practices, complex laws and regulations, and most importantly the language barriers, which hinder their efforts to set up, operate and expand their business.

We are committed to helping clients overcome the challenges they face and harness the opportunities that present themselves amidst great change. By forming deep, long-lasting relationships and providing relevant ideas and insight, we empower clients to move forward with confidence.
To us, it is vital that we treat every client with the highest dedication and responsibility. This mentality built strong relationships with our existing and potential clients, many utilizing our services over the years.

Our professional and competent team achieves best results by embedding awe inspiring features in all our works, even in the highest pressure and time sensitive situations.

Our promise is to tirelessly work for you and the communities that rely upon us, while maintaining high levels of integrity, confidentiality, responsibility and professionalism.

Advisory | Share Skills

We use our skills gained over a period of time to help your work to be smarter, quicker & focused.

Auditing & | Assurance

The capital markets & investors use the information provided by us. We know our onus of responsibility!

Transparency | a keyword

Tax transparency & responsibility requires each of us to be accurate in the disclosure of statements.

Salute | the Enterprise

We salute your spirit of enterprise! Our passion for supporting you propels us forward.

Workforce Group Dynamics

We specialize in:


With a keen understanding of the competitive business landscape and our experience evaluating the risks you face on a daily basis, we work to deliver a high return on your investment through value-packed feedback that offers in-depth analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, and operational efficiency.


External Audit, Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP), In Country Valuation (ICV)Stock Counts, Fixed Asset Management, Economic Substance Reporting (ESR)


We understand the need of the market and businesses for professional accounting and bookkeeping services. It is not just about entering numbers in a fixed template, rather a true & fair reflection of business performance.

Going Beyond Data Entry

We follow leading industry standards in charting of company accounts. All transactions are recorded as per its correct accounting treatment.

Review & Reconciliation

We have several layers of review to minimize erroneous entries. From the bank account, customers and suppliers to e-commerce portals, strong reconciliation is part of our process


Our strongest element is transparent reporting of company accounting giving a true and fair reflection of the company. We use advance reporting tools and provide dynamic reporting.