UAE Emara Tax 2022

Federal Tax Authority (UAE)

launching EmaraTax on Monday 5th December 2022


  • EmaraTax will offer range of enhancements including access to FTA services,

pay taxes and claim for the tax refunds

  • Migration of all businesses data will happen on 30th November 2022 and

EmaraTax shall be available on 5th December 2022

  • All user’s data will be migrated from conventional FTA system to EmaraTax.

Only reset the password at the time of first Login in the EmaraTax system

  • Once emaraTax is live, all tax returns shall be submitted through this new platform
  • If any tax return is in draft form as of 30th November 2022, it will automatically migrate

to EmaraTax in draft form

  • All previous submitted tax returns data shall be available on EmaraTax
  • Generate a unique payment reference number for GIBAN payments. Business should

always include the unique reference number when making payments using GIBAN.

This unique number is used to ensure that business payments are accurately

allocated against selected liabilities.

  • UAE banks and other financial institutions are integrated with EmaraTax.

This means that when making a GIBAN payment the unique reference number

will be used to validate the GIBAN and the amount payable to ensure that t

he correct sums are allocated properly.

  • Use MagnatiPay to make online payments. FTA no longer accept e Dirham

as a payment method. Magnat iPay is new payment gateway.

It accepts payments made using any Visa or Mastercard prepaid, debit or credit card.

Please contact your issuing bank to redeem any remaining e Dirham balances.

Process for Tax Refunds in EmaraTax

Important enhancements have been made to the way business will apply for a refund

FTA introduced some significant enhancements in this area to help taxpayers.

If business is registered for VAT or Excise Tax

Business can now submit one consolidated refund request for all eligible credit

balances for each tax type for multiple tax periods.

All evidence supporting your refund request

can also be submitted online together with your claim.

If you are a home builder

The process of submitting and tracking the status of your refund application

online has been further enhanced.

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